TJ Maxx & Marshalls Back to School Giveaway


I try to spend my money at places that support my valuesalthough sometimes costforces me to go where I can get the best deal. So when my favorite place turns out to be run by a fantastic company I am thrilled. As you may remember I posted a few weeks ago about being invited to go to TJ Maxx & Marshalls headquarters in Boston. I had to pass due to being pregnant and the complications I have had in the past near the end of my pregnancies. Tj Maxx & Marshalls understood, where very kind about it stating they completely agree family comes first. They promised to invite me next year and it was left on a positive note. I was very disappointed not to go but looked forward to future collaborations. Then I got an email from the fabulous PR contact telling me they still wanted to send me a goody bag since I couldn’t come. I was very touched by this generosity, they could have left it as it was since their were no bad feelings. It gets even better… I got my goody package the other day only to find out they sent me EVERYHTING the attendees got, they wanted to make sure I got to experience the event as much as possible from home. I can not express how excited this made me, not only did they send some fabulous goodies ( I mean it is TJ Maxx & Marshalls I expect no less), but they demonstrated to me that they as a company truly do care about my role as a mom and it’s priority it is not just words.

Now not only will I continue shopping at TJ Maxx & Marshalls but I will happily support a company who values people and their families and I hope you will too. Both TJ Maxx & Marshalls are the perfect place for back to school shopping they have everything you need from clothes to lunch boxes and back packs. And for mom some super cute new fall outfits to run after your kdis in. I have 1 TJ Maxx $25 GC and 1 Marshalls $25 GC to giveaway. In a comment tell me which you want and why, it’s that easy!

For extra entries do any or all of the following leaving a separate comment for each entry.

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Open to US residents, ends 8/31 at midnight. Winner will have 3 days to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Email must be in comment or available in profile.

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  1. Love getting great deals for my kids at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Sure is good to hear they are a family oriented company.

  2. I’d love the TJ Maxx card only because it’s closer to me than Marshalls. I love both for super awesome sports finds! I got my hubby an $80 football jersey for his birthday for only $16.99 and a hat to match for only $7.99!!

  3. I’d love to win the TJ Maxx card. I’ve been a full-time mom for three years now and hardly updated my wardrobe at all. I knew it was bad when my husband, ever so kindly, noted that I was getting “ratty.”

  4. I would love either, both are walking distance to me! And without a job for over 8 months, I have not been shopping at ALL for at least 11 months….this would be a real treat! I already follow you on twitter!

  5. I haven’t had the best of luck at Marshalls but I would love to try again. Our TJ Maxx is gone unless I drive to Quad Cities, so I guess not a big deal. I’ll go with marshalls. I want so I can buy something fabulous for my house, No. BETTER YET. a pair of shoes. because my feet aren’t going to be swollen much longer – or at least I hope! LOL.

  6. I would love a TJ Maxx GC. My son is going to start preschool next week and we are all so excited for him. I am also pregnant with our 3rd child and anything to help is awesome!

  7. Either would be great, but TJMaxx is closer, so I would probably go with that one..but Marshall’s is closer to my mom, so that would be fun, too. Oh, I am horrible at decisions! I like TJMaxx home section, so that one..thanks!

  8. I would love to win a Marshalls Giftcard because it is close by and I shop there often. I always find a good deal when I go there! Love getting bargains!

  9. I would choose Marshalls, just because it’s closest to my house although I love both stores! Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. I’d love the T.J. Maxx card. In Minneapolis, Marshall’s was the better of the two, but in the Quad Cities, for some reason T.J. Maxx has a better selection.

    Have to say it was very cool of them to send you all of that stuff!!!

  11. If I had to choose, I would go with TJ Maxx because that’s one of my sister’s favorite and I would give it to her.
    I can never seem to find anything at either stores for myself =/
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  12. I would love to go to Marshalls and buy some stuff for my grandkids, I know how hard it is for families to get everything the kids need these days and if I can help it would really be great

  13. I’d gladly accept either because I love both of those stores! I suppose I’d choose TJ Maxx though because I generally find more there. Plus, we have a Home Goods and I can ALWAYS find something there. Thanks so much!

  14. I love to shop at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but I think I prefer Marshalls just a little bit more. jenmizener at gmail dot com

  15. Either one of these would be awesome, since they are in the same shopping center next to my house! If I had to pick, I would say T.J. Maxx, as I usually find even better deals there!

  16. I would be happy to win either gift certificate – there is a marshalls and a tj max within driving distance from me (I know, I’m lucky!)

    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  17. The Marshalls gift card would be fabulous, as the Marshalls near us is closer than the TJ Maxx. And I’ve found many great deals at Marshalls!

  18. I heart both.. it’s sort of a King Solomon thing for me. If I had to choose though I’d say Marshalls. They usualy have more in the housewares and kitchen gadgets, to which I am addicted by the way!

  19. Either would be fantastic, but I’d pick TJ Maxx if I have to choose just because I’ve found more there recently that I liked. Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Wow well I would take either happily off your hands or pry them out of your hands. I guess TJ Maxx b/c they have some cute shirts for girls I would like to get my daughter. Thanks.

  21. I would like the TJMaxx one. They would have more to offer for the home dec section, and my kids can always use more organizing stuff and dec stuff for their college apt.

  22. I am interested in the TJ max. I am new to this. I am a mother of 4 and my husband and I are struggling. I walked in to my consignment shop to drop off items and she told me about the website and gave me tips to shop for them. I was blessed just to hear this on this day. God is good.

  23. I would take either but if I had to choose I guess I would take TJ Maxx. They both are great though! I would love it because they have awesome deals and I love to get baby clothes there for my little boy!

  24. I would like the TJMaxx since it is the only of the two stores we have remotely close to us. However, I wouldn’t mind ordering online from either. I love shopping the kitchen accessories and could use some new towels.

  25. I would LOVE a Marshall’s giftcard. I practically live in there. I’m getting things together to move out pretty soon and can’t stockpile enough home stuff. Marshall’s has great things at a great price.
    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  26. I’d prefer the Marshall’s one, as it’s closer to home than TJ Maxx. Both have a nice variety of merchandise. Thanks.

  27. I love both Marshalls and TJ Maxx but Marshalls is closer to me. I love looking there for clothes for my kids, shoes for me and all of their house decorations. I love your blog. Just added it to my favorites.

  28. I would love the opportunity to receive a TJ Maxx gift card. I say this only because I have never seen a Marshalls in my area :(. How sad is that, oh well…that is what you get for living in the middle of no where.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  29. I would love a TJ Maxx card because I have been on the “hunt” for all things dinosaur for my 3 yo. And they always have great kids’ stuff and shoes for me!

  30. I want the TJ Maxx GC!! LOVE that store! I can always find about a million things I need and they are the great brands that I love!

  31. I love both stores also, but would love to win the Marshalls card. They are closest to me in distance, and lately where I live they seem to carry a little more of what I look for. I only moved last year so perhaps I just havent found the right stores yet. Winning this giveaway would be such a great blessing.

    cathy b
    projecthope7 at gmail dot com

  32. I would choose either Tj Maxx or Marshall’s, because in my area we have both stores. I would use the gift card to get jeans for my mom, and my boyfriend. Both of whom, have absolutely no clothes that fit, and due to recent economic circumstances and family emergencies, things have been tight. Anyway, thanks for even the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  33. I’d LOVE either, but if I had to choose, I’d take TJMaxx because it’s closer to our house. Either way, I’d love to pick up some baby clothes once the baby has arrived!

  34. I would love either card. My little brother does a lot of his shopping there and I like to be able to help him out as a way to show my parents how much I appreciate them

  35. What a neat story. I would want the Marshalls gift card, although I have both in my town & would love either! Thanks!!

  36. TJ Max is nearby and always has cute clothes, gifts for friends on toys, and I even got a cute baby scrapbook there recently.

  37. I’d love to be entered for the TJ Maxx one. This mama could definitely use a new outfit after finally losing baby weight! Thanks!

  38. I found your link from the Money Saving Mom Blog. I would absolutely love the TJ Maxx Gift Card!

    My sister in law is having a baby soon and with this card I would be able to get her an awesome baby shower gift and save money at the same time since I am currently unemployed.

  39. I would love the TJ Maxx card. It is my absolute favorite store. I’m not sure what I’d get, but I’d have a lot of fun shopping!

  40. I would prefer a TJ Maxx GC since there’s no Marshall’s near where I live.

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  41. Wow! How sincere of them to send you the entire goody bag! I would love to enter your drawing, and I love both stores, but TJ Maxx has just opened a brand new store in our closest shopping center, so I pick TJ Maxx!

    Fingers crossed,

  42. I’d love the TJ Maxx card! I adore TJ Maxx! I love their clothes, but I especially like their home dec section at the back of the store and I am addicted to HomeGoods (their dedicated home dec store).

  43. I would love either of them since TJ Max has great clothes at great prices and Marshall’s has all sorts of fun items, including clothes, but if I had to choose it would be Marshall’s just for the variety.

  44. I’m in “desperate” need of some winter clothes. Mine are quite worn through and I have no money or desire to shop at full prices. TJMAX is something new to me, but since we don’t have marshalls, I’ll go for the TJM card. πŸ™‚

  45. I’d like the TJ Maxx one because there’s a huge store only a few blocks away. I have gotten some great deals there for both me and my children!

  46. Re: TJ Maxx or Marshalls $25 GC – either store’s GC would be fine for me if I won as they are both about 30 miles away. Thanks!

  47. I would love the Marshall’s gift card. I shop there frequently for my family and this gift card would really help me out!

  48. honestly, I would love a gc to either of them since they are both so fabulous. I suppose if I had to pick, I’ll just say Marshalls since it’s down the street… but really, it’s hard to pck

  49. I would like the TJ Maxx Card. We don’t have a Marshall’s nearby. I would love to get some new fall dresses for my daughter. She is such a tall little girl and grows so fast!

  50. Thanks for all your tips and tricks. I have been a stay at home mom for awhile but really trying to tighten our budget and so love finding your website to help me out with that!

  51. I love both stores, but I would want the TJMaxx card – simply because that’s what I have near me! Already thinking of all the possibilities – haha!

  52. I’d love to win the TJ Maxx gift card. (We don’t have Marshalls close by) We frequently go to TJ Maxx when we are looking for a fun gift that is unique! I also love their selection of kids books! Thanks so much for the chance.

  53. I would like to get the TJ Maxx Gift Card! I still need things for my dorm and this would be nice.I shop there frequently so I know I can find everything I need.

  54. I would love to win the TJ Maxx gift card. My mom has been shoppin there for me since I was very little. Now I shop there for myself, my fiancee and our son. They have great prices, great quality clothing and accessories and that have great employees! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  55. I’d love the TJ Maxx card. I’ve been redoing my bedroom and bathroom and I have had my eye on some bath towels that are really nice. I’d even have a little leftover to pick up the kids some jelly bellies to share.


  56. I’d LOVE a TJ Maxx card. I am due to have baby #6 in October and could really use the pick me up of a new article of clothing or two! I’m off to become a follower for an extra entry! Fingers crossed!

  57. I’d love the TJMaxx gift card. There’s a store across the street from work, and I love to go there on my lunch break and shop. I want so many things there!

  58. Great giveaway! I would prefer the TJ Maxx gift card because we have a TJ Maxx store nearby. I have found some great bargains on kids clothes there. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. I always enjoy shopping at TJ Maxx for most of my bargain deals. The store is always neat and the customer service has always been great. The store always has a better selection than most others. Thanks!

  60. I would love a gift card to TJ Maxx as it is local to me, and I’m taking a trip to Germany at the end of September and $25 would go far towards a new wardrobe πŸ™‚

  61. I would love a giftcard to either. They are the best places to shop for reasonable priced clothes for my children. I would use the giftcard on my childrens’ fall clothes.

  62. I would love to have a TJ Max gift card to help with a b’day package that I’m getting ready to send to the little boy that my husband and I are trying to adopt from China. We’ve been praying for him for three years now, and hope to see an answer soon.

  63. I would love the TJ Maxx gift card. There is one close by me. When I was in the store with my daughter, we saw some really cute purses. I would love to go back and buy one. Thanks!

  64. I would love the Marshalls gift card. There is a great store near me with a big selection, my daughter and I always find great deals on shoes and clothing.

  65. I love them both. If I had to choose I would choose Marshall’s as I can always find something great to wear there!

  66. I’d love the Marshall’s giftcard πŸ™‚ I will have my one year anniversary of having weight loss surgery on the 27th of this month, and I keep having to go find smaller clothes, and I don’t like spending a lot of money doing it, so this would be perfect!

  67. I would like the TJ MAxx card because they have great deals and there’s one near my house.

    Thanks for the awesome contest!!!

    aprilwoodscary at gmail dot com

  68. We have a TJ Maxx right down the road and I love to go there for baby clothes! They also have some great stuff in their home section. We could use some new towels and bathroom accessories!

  69. HI, I shop at both shops but Marshalls is my favorite for their shoe shop! They have all the designer shoes and at a fraction of mall prices!

  70. I would love to have a TJMaxx gift card. I have a 13 year old daughter that wants to be independent and purchase her own clothes instead of having mom purchase them. A $25 card would allow her to pick out an outfit and pay for it herself, increasing her independence while teaching her how to be thrifty.

  71. I’d love the Marshall’s GC! We just moved and have one near us, so I’d love to go get something for the house or our new baby!

  72. I would love the TJ Maxx card – my daughter is growing like crazy and will need more school clothes before too long!

  73. I would want the TJ Maxx one because that’s where I always went growing up and that is the store closest to me. So many memories scouring the racks at the Maxx with my friends!

  74. I would love to win the Marshalls GC. We do not have a TJMaxx near by….so it has to be for the local Marshalls.
    Both stores are SO fantastic. I always love to find current styles at amazingly low prices!

  75. I would love to have the TJ Maxx giftcard because I love shopping there. I always find chic trendy clothes for cheap. Sometimes its a hit or miss shopping there but usually I score big!

  76. Literally just got home from TJ Maxx and Marshalls! Gave TJ’s 110 dollars and Marshalls only got 11 from me. Marshalls is probably my favorite even though this time TJ’s did the trick for my teenage daughter. Good time to shop, we went about 5 and spent 3 hours between the 2 stores and I didn’t feel like it was as crowded as a Saturday morning.

  77. I love both stores! But I guess I would choose the Marshalls giftcard because that store is a little closer to me than TJ Maxx.

  78. I would like the TJ Maxx $25 GC instead of the other one for two reasons first there is no Marshalls near where I live and although i’m sure i could shop online i prefer to store shop and second because I love TJ Max and all the kids clothes there offer which is what I would use the GC on for school clothes for my little grandson. thank you πŸ˜‰

  79. Ha – jumped the gun there in my eagerness to enter – the reason I picked Marshalls is that there is one close to my house. Otherwise, I really have no preference because I love both stores! Subscribe by email to Thrifty & Chic Mom.

  80. I would love the Marshalls gift card as I am trying to lose this baby weight (its been 7 months since I had my boy!) and I just started losing a little bit of it…and now my clothes don’t fit!
    So this gift card would be a nice help πŸ™‚

  81. I’d love the TJ Maxx $25 GC or the Marshall’s $25 GC since I have both nearby (aren’t I a lucky duck!)…they are both great places for clothes, home goods, etc. Ask my husband, once I go in, he has to drag me out!

  82. I’d like TJ Maxx as that is all we have in town. I love TJ maxx because you can get really nice stuff for a great price. I often think of it more as treasure hunting than shopping.

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