Holiday Toy Guide: Uncle Milton Back 2 Nature Planet Frog

Science is such an amazing topic and it is so fascinating to kids, thanks to Uncle Milton’s Back 2 Nature Collection you can experience nature in your own home easily and in a nice small contained space. Even if pets and nature are not your thing you can do this, Uncle Milton provides everything you need to get started. We received the Uncle Milton Back 2 Nature Planet Frog it comes with a habitat that includes:

  • Pond with underwater view
  • Lush 3-D rain forest scenery
  • Rock cave hideaway
  • Vented see-thru lid
  • Magnifier feeding cap
  • Illustrated Guide to Planet Frog with feeding and care instructions and information about the fascinating world of frogs

The tadpoles do not come with the habitat instead you order them online once you are ready to begin raising your frogs. The habitat itself is $29.99 and the tadpoles are $8. My girls were really excited to start raising tadpoles as they recently saw a Curious George episode all about how tadpoles turn into frogs.

My oldest daughter is in Kindergarten and after discussing it with her teachers, who were thrilled, the tadpoles are going to be raised by 24 6 year old’s who are very excited to see this transformation. Uncle Milton has several other Back 2 Nature kits that are sure to thrill your kids or would make a great teacher gift, in these days of underfunded classrooms many teachers would love the gift of a science project (be sure to ask them first of course!)

I received product free of charge to obtain my review, all opinions are my own.

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