Uncle Milton Fireflies in My Room

We have been redoing my youngest two girls bedroom recently, it is shared by Genevieve and Colette and a small space for 2 but I am excited about what we have done so far. Colette loves mermaids and as I started looking for mermaid themed things for the room I quickly realized it was going to be too much so instead we switched to a mermaid room with mermaid type things and only one mermaid. Uncle Milton makes some great products and this year I fell in love with the Fireflies in My Room wall decor.

The view when laying on my daughter’s bed

Even though the Fireflies In My Room is supposed to make your room feel like the great outdoors I thought it looked like seaweed in a magical mermaid world, and my girls agree. Fireflies In My Room mounts to your child’s ceiling and when you hit the remote it lights up and seems to sparkle for a half hour before it turns off. The kit comes complete with little fireflies to attach on the lights although we left them off since fireflies do not live underwater ;). This is a great product and we really like it a lot, in fact I am contemplating getting another set to add a bit more seaweed to the mermaid lagoon! Fireflies in My Room retails for $34.99 and it perfect for any kids room! If you have a Star Wars fan in your life you must check out Andrea’s thoughts on the Lightsaber Room Light.

I received product to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.

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