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Have you heard of Paperwhite before? Me neither until recently and I have found a fabulous new collection of clothing to love. Paperwhite  has a fabulously stylish collection out right now and I really want every single piece, unfortunately I will have to wait until after baby to wear most of it but when I saw the Button Back Knit Tunic I knew I could make it work now and then really love it later! The velvet blazer is super stylish and I really love the printed python silk blouse.


paperwhite tunic



The detailing on this tunic and the tonal trim are what make it really stand out. I am so in love with this tunic and forsee lots and lots of use out of it.


paperwhite button back tunic


Be sure to check out the whole line from Paperwhite collections and then go see what Andrea is wearing from Paperwhite over on Momma in Flip Flops.


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  1. Obsessed with that sweater! So so cute!!

  2. LOVE that color! It’s so bright and versatile. The buttons on the back are fun detail. Thanks so much for introducing me to a new brand to love.

  3. Betty Baez says:

    That tunic is cute! Love the buttons on the back!

  4. The tunic is very fashion-forward, with the buttons on the back!

  5. Julie Wood says:

    I really like the sweater and the color is very vibrant and so classy looking. You look very nice in this sweater, and this is a sweater that I would wear.

  6. That color is awesome and the detailing is divine! So pretty!

  7. Really like the detailing on the sweater, was checking it out on their site and wished it came in more color choices. Other than that I love the look. Great outfit. :)

  8. Jessica B. says:

    I love the color of the tunic!

  9. Robin Wilson says:

    I have said it before and I am saying it again, you look beautiful! Gosh I wish I looked just a little bit that good when I was pregnant. You are an inspiration!

  10. What a beautiful color – one of my favorites. I can see it be a very versatile top …

  11. What a great color on you!! I love the detail of the buttons down the back. Very unique!

  12. I love the buttons down the back – it really gives a “basic” top a lot of pizazz. And it’s my all-time favorite color. I will definitely check out Paperwhite.

  13. Cute top, I love the buttons on the back that makes it more unique.


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