Chocolate and Shoes the Perfect Gift Pairing from Kroger

kroger and kohls gift

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I have the perfect gift idea for that very special best friend of yours. You  know the friend you call when your kids are making you crazy and you feel like a horrible mom. The friend you call when you have no idea what you are doing and need advice and the one you call when you need some adult conversation. What better way to say thanks for being a great friend then chocolate and shoes and yes you can grab this great gift all while at Kroger so no extra trip required. Not sure what I mean?


kohls and kroger gift


Kroger has these amazing candy bouquets this year. I walked in the door of my local Kroger and drooled, definitely Pinterest worthy! And yes the whole vase is filled with candy, YUM! Kroger makes these bouquets to order so you can pick from a wide variety of yummy chocolatey goodness, and the best part they are just $24.99! While these bouquets would make a great gift all on their own you can step it up by adding a gift card to Kohl’s. Kohl’s is the perfect place to pick up some great new shoes at a fabulous price and who doesn’t want a new pair of shoes.


Christmas gift tag


Add a cute tag with a cheesy poem and I guarantee any friend would love this especially a mom who gets so focused on her kids she forgets to treat herself!


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  1. courtney b says:

    omg my 2 favorite things !:) this is the kind of gift i WOULD want !:)

  2. What a great combination. Chocolate and shoes? Does it get better than that?

  3. Who wouldn’t want chocolate and shoes? Sounds like the perfect gift to me!

  4. What a fun idea! I love that Kroger puts the gift basket together for you, too.

  5. What a fun idea. I am a big fan of Kroger florist shop. Whenever I had a special bouquet or gift basket in mind, they have always went out of their way to see that I am satisfied. Once the package or flowers were delivered, they were actually better than what I had hope for. Kroger’s does a good job with customer satisfaction.

  6. Not sure about Krogers but Kohls is our go to store and I would love to give AND receive candy and a gift card like this! Yep, kind of like pairing wine with food. Chocolate and shoes are perfection!

  7. What mom doesn’t love chocolate and shoes! Definitely a perfect combination and gift!

  8. I don’t have a Krogers near me – but I do have a Kohl’s and they do have cute shoes!

  9. I love these! We buy these candy vases all the time for holiday’s and other special events. They are one of my go to gifts.

  10. What a great gift idea. We have Ralphs which is a Kroger store.


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    [...] ive candy and a gift card like this! Yep, kind of like pairing wine with food. C [...]

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