Wake Up Your Walls for Spring with HP – Creating a Wall Collage

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hp photo wall


We have several large wall areas that are blank and I have been trying to figure out how best to fill them. I love displaying family photos but the girl’s  are constantly growing and changing so do I buy big frames and change them out or what?

HP has teamed up with Genevieve Gorder to help everyone wake up their walls for spring with HP Photo Wall Decor. After watching the magic Genevieve created at the winner of the Wake Up Your Walls Sweepstakes home I am so excited to get working on our wall. My husband and I have decided to pick photos of important occasions or milestones of our girls to put on the wall, timeless events that will not need updated or replaced. One major event we will be printing out is Baptism pictures of all 5 girls. I had a canvas made of my 4 girls in the same Baptism gown which is the one I also wore and I love it but now we have 5 girls and it needs to be updated, if each girl gets a separate canvas in a wall collage then we can just add to it if our family grows again!

Dance is another big deal at our house and I think a photo of the first dance recital would be sweet to have and fitting for this year as one of my girl’s is having her first dance recital this spring. My oldest daughter is also making her First Communion, so many things to choose from. Regardless I have enlisted the help of my husband and am really excited to see what we come up with. With printing available at Walmart, sometimes even same day and the affordable prices anyone and everyone can update their walls!

If you need some tips on how to get started or how to design a great wall then be sure to check out the tips and information Genevieve Gorder is sharing on the HP page.

If you were creating a Photo Wall what would yours be? I am so excited to create my “Milestone Wall” stay tuned for the finished product!

Easter Basket Ideas from Kroger for Your Significant Other

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chocolate and coffee easter basket from Kroge


This year look no further than Kroger for your Easter Basket supplies, they have everythign you need from organic chocolate to non-traditional ideas like coffee. I was tasked with creating an Easter basket for my significant other (aka my husband) by shopping only at Kroger and I knew exactly what to get.

Upon heading into Kroger I went straight to the candy section and found some of my husbands favorite gourmet candies like Lancaster caramels and Lindt Lindor Truffles. Then of course I had to go to the extensive Easter section for some seasonal favorites like Cadbury Creme Eggs and of course a Dove milk chocolate bunny! To make my basket extra special I added in a Theo organic chocolate bar and then what goes great with chocolate? Why coffee of course so I added a box of Peet’s K-cups for my husband! This whole basket cost $25 with the great sales going on at Kroger and is going to make my husband very happy come Easter morning!


kroger easter basket


What would you put in an Easter basket for your significant other? I bet you can find it at Kroger then no special trip needed just grab your supplies on your weekly grocery run! Be sure to check out the Kroger Easter DIY Pinterest Board for more tips and tricks on Easter related projects


Transforming my Step2 Wagon Into Merida’s Horse

princess merida and her horse step2 wagon
I am Step2 Test Drive mom, all opinions are my own.


We absolutely love our Step2 Ohio State wagon and it gets tons of use, so when my daughter stated she needed a horse for with her Merida costume we knew just how to make that happen. With some cardboard, paint and pipe cleaners our OSU wagon was magically transformed into a black stallion for the Princess Merida to ride. We chose to only put the horse on one side since the OSU Wagon has a door on the other side. That way she still has access to the door while out trick or treating and won’t trip on her long dress as she climbs in and out.

How to turn your Step2 Wagon into a Horse!

Start with your Step2 Wagon

step2 OSU wagon

  1. Cut the outline of a horse out of cardboard, we made the head and body from one piece then each leg and the tail are all separate pieces which we then taped on with duct tape.
  2. Paint the horse black and let dry over night.
  3. Take 2 handfuls of black pipe cleaners and tape them to the back in 2 spots for the mane. Then curl the pipe cleaners around your finger to create a wild racing mane.
  4. Tape the horse silhouette to the side of your Step2 wagon, add Merida and trick or treat all night long!


princess meridas horse



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Rainy Day Fun with BENDASTIX!

bendastix logo


With all 4 kids home for the summer we have been spending lots of time out of doors, but those rainy days keep coming so I have been looking for some new creative toys and crafts for my girls. BENDASTIX sent us the new Big Box Kit to try out for some summer crafting fun. The BENDASTIX Big Box Kit came full of BENDASTIX in all different shapes, sizes and patterns plus an instruction booklet to give us some ideas of what to make. What are BENDASTIX? They are a new creation that’s ½ arts & crafts and ½ construction toy, but 100% fun. BENDASTIX™  are soft and squishy craft pieces that can bend, mold and shape but never ever break allowing for all kinds of creative creations.




BENDASTIX are recommended for ages 6 and up and the Big Box Kit retails for $19.99. My kids are ages 7, 5, and 3 and all of them really enjoyed this toy. We started out by making the bracelets shown in the booklet. My 7 year old did it herself and the 5 year old only needed minimal help. Then we moved onto making the BENDASTIX glasses and the BENDASTIX people.


Bendastix jewelry


bendastix glasses


Bendastix monster


The great thing about this particular craft is it is not a disposable craft but one you can keep reusing. The only thing that limits you are the stickers, other than that you can just unbend, untwist and then start all over again. My girls started getting creative too even wrapping flip flops with BENDASTIX. This is a great toy that you can bring out over and over again to create new things all the time, be sure to check out BENDASTIX for more information and to learn about all the different kits they offer.


Bendastix sandals

I received product to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.


Ballerina Birthday Party

Some of the products featured were provided for review.

birthday girl


For my daughter’s 7th birthday party she wanted a dance themed birthday party, as an avid dancer who lives for dance this came as no surprise. All of my girl’s dance at a fabulous studio here in Columbus K Studio and they offer birthday parties. We did this last year for my 2 oldest girls and it was fabulous so I was thrilled to once again have her birthday party at K Studio! The first hour of the party the girls are taught a dance lesson and this year my daughter wanted everyone to learn jazz since she is taking jazz this year and loves it.

ballet party collage


party 1




Even though the girls wear dancing jazz having ballerina tutus for everyone to dance in was a must! This awesome company called The Hair Bow Company provided adorable tutus for all of the girls they even made a special one for the birthday girl to wear! They also sent an adorable assortment of hair bows one for each girl to wear. Instead of a goody bag at the end each girl picked a ballet tutu and hair bow at the beginning to wear the whole time then take home with them, the girls loved it!


ballerina party supplies As I mentioned before we had ballet themed birthday parties last year and I searched high and low and could not find really cute ballet themed party products. Well Birthday Express has come out with the cutest ballerina themed stuff. My daughter literally squealed when she saw the collection of goodies Birthday Express sent us. They even sent us a custom banner made of vinyl, if I had been smarter I would have had them leave her age of off it so I could use it every year! Just take a look at how adorable this stuff is!


Ballerina cake



ballet party cake


Finally there was the cake which was a huge hit thanks to Baby Loving Mama. I originally saw this cake on her blog when she made it for her niece. It was actually quite simple to make I used marshmallow fondant which the kids love to eat and is easy to work with. I used one of the tutus from The Hair Bow company and placed it around the base of the cake and put it all on a glass cake stand. My daughter was thrilled with the result!

All the girls had a blast and I was so happy with how it all turned out! I have a feeling I have many more ballet birthday parties in my future as all of my girls love to dance!

I received product to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.


Easy St.Patrick’s Day Craft and Snack

Shamrock Rice Krispie Treats ecipe via @ThriftyChicMom

If you tend be be slightly craft challenged, like me, then even you can rock these two St.Patrick’s Day Ideas, I promise!

Shamrock Rice Krispie Treats

This is so easy simply add green food coloring to your Rice Krispie treats. Then refrigerate to make them nice and hard. Remove from the fridge and use a shamrock shaped cookie cutter to cut them. Voila Shamrock Shaped Rice Krispie treats. And in case you need the recipe

  • 5 cups Rice Krispie Cereal
  • 1 bag large marshmallows
  • 1 stick of butter

Melt the butter and marshmallows together in a microwave safe bowl, I go 1-2 minutes at at time stopping to stir in between until ready. If you are adding food coloring you add it before the Rice Krispie cereal. Then mix in the Rice Krispie Cereal. Scoop into a greased glass bottom baking dish, I like a 9×13. I use the butter stick wrapper to grease my dish. Let cool and harden, or put in the refrigerator or perfect cutting!

St Patrick's Day Rainbow Windsock Craft via @ThriftyChicMom

St.Patrick’s Day Rainbow Windsocks

My kids loved this craft and it could not be any easier! All you need are:

  • Tissue paper in the colors of the rainbow
  • Paper Plate
  • Green construction paper
  • glue stick
  • scissors

I used my Silhouette SD to cut out the Shamrocks but you can free hand or find a template online easily. Have you child glue the shamrock onto the paper plate. Cut the tissue paper into long streamer type strips. Hand the strips to your child one color at a time and use it as an opportunity to learn colors and talk about the colors in the rainbow. Have your child use a glue stick to hook the streamer on the back side of the plate. We could not find orange tissue paper and of course my girls had to have pink and purple, you can do the colors how you want. My kids loved running through the house listening to the streamers blow or hang them up for a fun St.Patrick’s Day decoration.


B sure to also check out my Easy St.Patrick’s Day Craft for preschoolers and my Irish Soda Bread Recipe!

St.Patrick’s Day Craft for Preschoolers! Practicing Colors with a Snack!


St.Patrick’s Day is coming up and as a proud Irish – woman (my mother is an O’Leary after all) I have been trying to come up with some fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts and St. Patrick’s Day snacks for my kids. If you saw my Pinterest fail yesterday on Facebook you know it needs to be simple and easy to execute! I have seen the idea to do a rainbow with Fruit Loops before but I decided instead of making it just a craft we would make it a lesson in learning your colors and a snack all in one!

rainbow snack


St.Patrick’s Day Rainbow Snack!

A St.Patrick’s Dy Craft for preschoolers

You will need:

  • white paper plates
  • Fruit Loops cereal
  • mini marshmallows
  1. Poor a bunch of Fruit Loops out on a plate and give each child an empty paper plate.
  2. Call out a color and a number and have your child pick that many Fruit Loops of the color for example ” Find  15 red Fruit Loops”
  3. Once your child has all the colors have them arrange in a rainbow shape on the plate.
  4. Add marshmallow clouds
  5. Enjoy our treat!

st patricks day craft for preschool

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Dining Room Makeover with Clark+Kensington Paint Review

dining room before

When we moved into our house just over a year ago it was painted beige from top to bottom and everywhere in between, and I HATE BEIGE. I don’t like my house to be all one color anyways but I will take a white house over a beige house so it was just a matter of time before it all got painted. We have been struggling with what colors to paint because our house is a really open split level so the colors are very visible from room to room and there is not really a defined end to one room and beginning to another in a few spots. So while we continue the great paint color debate we knew we could dive right into the dining room as it is a complete room all to itself.

before and after dining room We recently picked out some amazing art from Gallery Direct for the dining room and based our paint color choice on them. We decided to go with a green color and chose Clark+Kensington paint casual day. Clark+Kensington paint was named consumer choice and after using it I can see why. Available at Ace Hardware stores this paint is really nice. It goes on nice and thick and smooth leaving a fabulous looking wall. One gallon of paint also goes really far we used a lot less paint than expected and we were not being stingy with the paint. The paint is not cheap and did not take lots of coats to get a great look. It has held up really well so far and I am just enamored with my new dining room. We added curtains to our beautiful picture window and the finished look is fabulous.








This final picture of the china cabinet shows the true wall the color he others make it look more yellow than it is.

We recently added a new table from World Market and are saving up for the matching chairs, once we have those my dining room will be complete. It is amazing how a coat of quality paint like Clark+Kensington in a great color, curtains and some new art from Gallery Direct can completely transform a room. The only problem is now the rest of my house looks even more blah with the beige walls!

I received product to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.

Ballerina Cupcake Toppers DIY

ballerina cupcake topper


Last year I threw not one but two ballerina themed birthday parties at K Studio. I had a new baby and we were in the middle of a move so making a big elaborate cake was not an option. Instead I made cupcakes some I put chocolate ballet slippers on top of the cupcakes using this Ballet Slippers Chocolate Mold but on the very top of the cupcake tower I put this super easy and adorable Ballerina Cupcake Topper.


ballerina cupcake topper diy


You can find full instructions here as well as a template and she even has directions on how to make it look like a wedding dress for a bridal shower. I just made one but it was so cute and easy to do!

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Kid’s Mermaid Room – The Finished Results!

We have been redoing the bedroom that is shared by my younger two girls and it is finally done I could not be more happy about how it turned out. The room is shared by my youngest two daughters who are 3 and 1. The 3 year old loves mermaids right now so we decided on a mermaid themed room. Once I started looking for mermaid items I began to get discouraged so many of the images were either ugly, tacky or sexual none of which I wanted. And while I love the movie Little Mermaid I did not want an Ariel themed room. I ended up finding some amazing products that are more underwater themed and then we found one mermaid to be our focal point. With out further ado I give you the before and after of the little girl’s mermaid bedroom.


girls bedroom before After

little girls mermaid bedroom


As you can see it turned out absolutely adorable. Now for the details! We painted the room with Glidden Almost Aqua and the color was just perfect for an underwater feel! When my daughter lies in her bed she declares “I’m a mermaid”!


janey mac walls mermaid wall decal


Then we decorated the walls with WeeDecor pink bubbles and a pink dolphin. Finally we added the focal point of the room the mermaid by Janey Mac Walls. I searched the internet for days before I found this perfect mermaid on Etsy. Janey Mac Walls allows you to completely customize the wall decal so I was able to pick the hair color, the top color, the tail and even the skin tone. It turned out perfect and the colors match in  just the way I hoped they would. The mermaid came with easy instructions and it took me minutes to put up, it also came with the fish and sea horses you see around the room. I am so happy with my wall decal I will be turning to Janey Mac Walls when I redo my older girls room next Spring, be sure to check out all the other great customizable wall decals offered by Janey Mac Walls.

Boon flaunt wall display

Next we added the fabulous Boon Flaunt shelving display because it looks like bubbles which is perfect for our underwater room. We chose to use both the Boon Flaunt 3 and the Boon Flaunt 6 as we really liked how they looked together. The Boon Flaunt is made of metal and perfect for displaying those keepsakes that are special and need a home. I love that this shelving display unit is completely off the ground so my little ones can’t get to it or get hurt on it. Plus it just looks so neat doesn’t it? The Boon Flaunt 3 is $24.99 and the Flaunt 6 $34.99. We also hung up an ABC print from Kranky Krab that had been in the nursery for some time that we just loved and the colors still worked.


Boon Glo night light


Now that the walls were decorated it was time to focus on the dresser top. We needed a nightlight and not just any nightlight but the Boon Glo. I have had my eye on this fabulous nightlight for some time and was so excited that it would fit right in with our theme, it looks like it belongs on the bottom of the sea right? This nightlight is so cool not only can it display the full rainbow of colors but you can either choose one color or have it cycle through all the colors. Plus you can remove the balls and they will still Glo! My daughter loves choosing her color each night before bed and my older girls want this night light so bad I see another purchase in our future. The Boon Glo retails for $84.99 and is the coolest night light I have seen, I highly recommend it!


Boon fli


And now for the ceiling we had the Boon Fli in pink and blue hanging in our old nursery and they are back again, the colors match, they are adorable and dragon flies fly over water so it works right? My girls just love these flying, fluttering dragonflies and they hang above my baby girls crib.


uncle milton seaweed


And finally there is the Uncle Milton “seaweed” which I mentioned before as a great gift for kids, we are still loving this and the little glowing fireflies are always a hit with the kids in the dark! We kept the same bedding that my daughter picked out before, the colors match and it keeps the room from becoming too themey which I like, we simply flipped it over to the striped side.

So that is my little girl’s mermaid bedroom and we really love it, I am thrilled with how it turned out and more importantly so are my girls!

Some of the products featured were provided for review, others we owned or purchased for the room ourselves.

Getting Ready for Christmas with HP #PintheHalls

HP printable ornament template

This year in a last minute decision, as in yesterday, I am hosting my husband’s family for Christmas! I am really excited and want to make the house look fantastic for our company. I have been having fun with my girls deciding on some homemade decorations to really make our house look festive. We started our search at www.hp.com/holiday where they have all kinds of free printables and templates for holiday arts & crafts.  Using my new HP envy AiO Touchscreen computer we spent time picking out our favorite holiday crafts and then did some test prints to see what we liked. Since I want the kids involved we decided to use the simplest ornament template the Christmas pyramid, it comes printed with the  pattern you see but we are going to use it as a template and find fun scrap paper to make an ornament for each place setting, these will act as our name cards, cute right?


HP iSpy printable

Now while I highly doubt the kids will get bored on Christmas day, they will have all kinds of new toys, I decided to have an activity ready just in case.  When I saw the I Spy printable template I was curious as to what all it entailed. Turns out it is an adorable Christmas scene full of hidden items for the kids to find. It looks just like the picture and the kids are very excited to do it. I think we may put these at their places as a way to get them seated and stay seated!

snapfish photo ornament

Last week I ordered some photo ornaments from Snapfish both as gifts and for us. I was really excited to see how they turned out, I love photo ornaments but buying the ones in store to add a photo too are really expensive. Well the ornaments arrived and I am thrilled with the results! The aluminum cutout ornaments are just $8.99 and they are perfect plus my kids can’t break them which is a huge plus for me. In fact I love them so much this is going to become a yearly tradition. Ordering the ornaments with my HP Envy touchscreen was so easy. The touchscreen allowed me to edit the photos and position them exactly how I wanted plus the extra large screen made it much easier to visualize the final result. That was really helpful when I went back and forth on whether to have the picture framed on the ornament or be the whole ornament. Thanks to my HP Envy desktop computer I knew exactly what I was getting and sure enough my ornaments arrived and they were exactly what I ordered, no surprises.


I love that by using the HP online resources and my HP printer I am able to create a festive holiday environment on a budget. Even Rachel Ray agrees she featured the HP Envy 120 Printer with Holiday Value Pack on her show and gave them away to a surprised audience full of Hurricane Sandy victims. Be sure to watch the video, the ornaments on the trees behind Rachel Ray and Regis  were all printed on an Hp envy printer using the templates found on hp.com/holiday.

If you want to win an Hp Envy printer of your own be sure to enter my giveaway ends 12/30!

As part of the HP Pin the Halls blogger program I received product to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own. No other compensation was given.

Magna Color 3D Art Taking Your Childs Creations to the Next Level!

My oldest daughter loves art, she is really quite gifted and no not just in my opinion but her art teacher says so too. So I am constantly looking for new and creative art products for her and yes I prefer ones that are not messy. Having 4 kids of varying ages can make it hard to do more complicated projects. Inevitably the 3 year old gets the one marker that is not washable and writes on the wall, or she grabs the scissors and narrowly misses cutting herself, you get the picture.

I have found a new art product that my oldest two girls are really enjoying, everyday they get it out while there sister has rest time and create together, it is really quite cute. Allow me to introduce you to Magna Color. Magna Color is a 3D art kit that uses unique magnetic dot pens. You simply fill in the design with the corresponding dot to create beautiful works of art. Then put on your 3D glasses and admire as your art work comes to life. The Magna color board also stores and reloads the pens quite easily. Don’t be alarmed if it looks overwhelming at first, my first thought was is this a joke? But it  really is simple. The colored dots will sort in the  back of the box easily by size and then you insert the pens and reload. And if you are still confused just watch this easy instructional video.


As I mentioned my girls really like this and I love the no mess factor. The price point is $24.99 and recommended for ages 4 and up. I agree with the age although at 4 an adult will need to help them load the pens. You can find Magna Color at both Amazon and Toysrus.com

I received product to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.

Ladybug Birthday Party

My third daughter turned 3 this past weekend and of course we celebrated. For her first ballet recital last spring she was a ladybug and it was adorable so when it came time to pick a theme we went with Ladybug Birthday party!

At her birthday party we had a ladybug pinata, ladybug cake and ladybug decorations the whole theme was in red and black. For decorations I used my Silhouette machine and cut out some adorable ladybugs and the number 3. I even put some ladybug decorations on the windows and doors, there were ladybugs everywhere at our ladybug party.


 I also made a red paper pom pom to hang from the light over the dining room table to add some more red in the house. And the final decoration was a ladybug pinata that the girls helped me make. We used a punching balloon and covered it with newspaper strips dipped in a mixture of equal parts flour and water. I like using a punching balloon because it is sturdier and less likely to pop while you are working on the pinata. Using the flour mixture made the pinata break easily which was perfect for a 3 year old ladybug birthday party.


For the ladybug cake I decided to make marshmallow fondant ladybugs to place on top of a 2 layer square cake. I was going to cover the whole cake in white marshmallow fondant but we were out of town the night before and I knew I would not have enough time the day of the party. I also made a giant green fondant leaf to place some of the ladybugs on. The kids loved the cake and they especially loved that the fondant ladybugs were edible!

Finally we finished out the ladybug theme with ladybug party supplies from DiscountPartySupplies. We had adorable ladybug plates and ladybug napkins plus some cute ladybug cups, it was all adorable and my daughter loved her ladybug birthday party!

I received the paper products from DiscountPartySupplies all other ideas, materials, ect are my own.

DIY: How To Make A Fairy Wand

My daughter’s 4th birthday party was ballet themed and we held her party at a local dance studio K Studio. The party was so much fun and one of the things the kids really loved was the fairy wands I made as favors. The girls used these while they danced and then took them home. As a not very crafty person these were super easy to make and turned out adorable.

You Will Need:

  • Pencils (brand new unsharpened)
  • Ribbon (1/4 inch thickness works well)
  • Hot Glue Gun

I chose to use two contrasting ribbons in the same theme ( hearts), you can choose any combination you like. Cut the ribbon 14-16 inches in length, I liked 14 since these were for younger girls and I did not want them to step on the ribbon and fall. Using the hot glue gun glue the ends of the ribbon onto the eraser end of the pencil side by side. Be sure to glue the ribbon once around the pencil and back onto itself so the ribbon is glued onto the pencil and itself this will keep it secure for lots of waving fun. Make sure you line up the two ribbons against each other so there is no gap. Let dry then let your little one’s wave!


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Label Mania : How to Make 4 Easy DIY Labels

The New Year has arrived and I have entered one of those hyper-organizational phases that I encounter during season changes, after holidays, and basically whenever the kid’s stuff starts taking over our house.  Toys get sorted, donation bags are put together, and I am constantly reorganizing things in bins.  It’s all about making our life less stressful and more efficient because you know the things in our life can either work for us or against us!  I have been exploring the fun realm of labels for various rooms in the house and would love to share them with you!  Please keep in mind that I am one of those “thrifty crafty” types who saves thing for future projects so I had these supplies on hand.  You can use whatever you have lying around your home.  The point is a place for everything and everything in its place! 


Style #1:  Chalkboard Labels

First up…chalkboard labels!  If you have never used chalkboard paint I urge you to give it a try.  It’s easy to paint with and kids love it on the walls and furniture! It can be purchased in multiple colors or you can try your hand at making your own by mixing 1 c. flat latex paint with 2 tbs. grout.  I had my can of Rustoleum Chalk Board paint out to do a project on my boys’ wall when I noticed a nice piece of cardboard from some toys packaging.  I thought why not slap a bit of this paint on and make some chalkboard labels!  Once a couple coats were applied and dried, I simply cut out rectangles then waited until the next day to chalk on them.  Finally the zhu zhu pets have a place to call their own!  A can of this paint sells for under $10 and goes a long way.  When I change my mind about what goes in this particular bin I can just erase it.  One painted sheet of heavy construction paper or cardboard yields a bunch of labels to keep on hand.  I realize that this is not fancy…but it gets the job done!  For free which makes me smile!

Style #2:  Luggage Tags w/ Scrapbook Paper

Next up…labels using luggage tags & scrapbook paper!  Again, I got lucky here because last year at my sisters wedding they gave out cute silver luggage tags as favors (it was in Florida) and I ended up with some extras.  The luggage tags were purchased at Michaels and were pretty inexpensive.  They were just what I needed in the boys room that was just semi-redone in a space and Star Wars theme.  A tall Ikea bookshelf was the perfect spot to corral their blocks, cars, books & sentimentals but I wanted to make sure these boys know I mean business about putting their toys away where they belong!  So I gathered my luggage tags, scrapbook paper, & bistro chalkboard marker.  The steps are rather self-explanatory and I think they turned out great.  If you don’t want to handwrite the categories on the labels I’ve heard BHG.com has some great free printables.  I simply wrote with a white chalk marker on black construction paper then taped it to some more fun scrapbook paper and inserted it into the luggage tag.  Voila!

Style #3: Handmade Luggage Tags w/Chalkboard Labels

If any one missed the post on Luggage Tags using a DIY pattern from http://www.youcanmakethis.com/ check it out for more details and giveaway info.  The girls’ room was in need of some organization.  This pattern is awesome because it allows you to use leftover fabric pieces and that is just what I did.  The original pattern calls for vinyl but I was too lazy busy before Christmas so I simply used the chalkboard labels made earlier.  Instead of using regular chalk I broke out the bistro chalk markers for a cleaner look.  This pattern was a pleasure to make and I will be doing it again.

                If all else fails and right now you are thinking…I don’t have these supplies on hand, I’m not crafty, who has the time?!  How about investing in a bistro chalk marker and take it straight to the bin as I did in the picture below!  Those are plastic crates bought at a grocery store for $2.99 each.  There is one labeled for memories, one for donations, and one with out of season clothing.

Each one of these styles of labels will easily cost under $1 if not free.  But the cost of knowing that the things in your life are organized…you got it, priceless.  Happy New Year and let’s have fun on the quest to get our homes orderly in a thrifty chic manner!

This post brought to you by Angela.