Umi Children’s Shoes for Growing Feet #giveaway

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growing up too fast



When did her feet get so big? Maybe it was the same day she turned from my sweet baby girl to a stunning little girl who will all too soon be a young lady. It just goes way too fast!



umi shoes for girls


My sweet Abbey is very tall, at just 6 years old she is almost as tall as her 8 year old sister, who is not short by any means. She also has very big feet. I worry about my Abbey since she often has growing pains in her legs and I had those as a young girl, I still remember crying for my mom to rub my calves in the middle of the night. When I was in high school I had knee surgery, the doctors blamed my rapid growth as a young girl combined with lots of sports, it was just too much for my young muscles to handle and I worry Abbey is headed down the same road.  One of the things I learned was that the right shoes made a huge difference.


umi elaina II

Umi Elaina II available in 6 color combinations RV $60


Umi children’s shoes is a brand that I trust to take care of my daughters growing body. They offer comfortable footwear that supports her arch and her knees with comfort and care. Umi offers UmiCloud Tech a memory foam footbed that offers superior comfort plus they are ready for play straight from the box, no breaking in needed. My girls wear uniforms and I often find that the uniform approved shoes are junk, but not Umi. Umi children’s shoes last, I have NEVER had to replace a pair of Umi shoes in the past 3 years, they are still going strong at the end of the year and every pair has been happily donated still in good condition after they have outgrown them!

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5 Things Kids Get Dirty and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Gets Clean #MrCleanMillion

This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Mr. Clean. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review and compensation, but all opinions are 100% mine.
5 things MagicEraser gets clean

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser is a moms best friend, it really can clean so many more things than you ever imagined. When I worked as a manager at a retail store in college we cleaned the walls and fixtures with Magic Eraser and that was when I first learned of the many uses for this great product. Then a few years ago my daughter took a sharpie to my mother’s white kitchen cabinets and once again Magic Eraser to the rescue!

Now as a mom I turn to Mr.Clean Magic Eraser to help keep my household clean so today I am sharing with you 5 tings you can clean with Mr.Clean Magic Eraser that you may not ave thought of all. All of these products receive lots of use and abuse from kids and Mr.Clean Magic Eraser helps to keep them looking new.


mr clean cupboard doors


1. Kitchen cupboards: As I told you before we have first hand experience with Sharpies and cabinets and mr.Clean Magic Eraser got them clean. I have also gotten all kinds of crazy stains off of m y own white cabinets, my kids have a knack for getting odd things all over the cabinets and the walls.


mr clean high chair

2. High Chair: High chairs are notoriously dirty and so many foods stain when baby spills them. As much as I makes me cringe to give a baby spaghetti with marinara and watch the sauce fly, it has to happen and Mr. Clean Magic eraser helps clean up the mess.


mr clean exersaucer


3. Exersaucer: I have an excessive spitter-upper for a baby, I mean over the top, which means everything is coated in spit up. While spit up itself doesn’t usually stain when it is laced with colorful baby food, well….. you get hte picture. Once again Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to the rescue getting my exersaucer clean.


mr clean baby gate


4. Baby Gate: My baby gate that divides the kitchen from the dining room somehow has food on it. I could pretend to be shocked but with the amount of spills that happens with 5 kids I really am not and when my kids spill they really spill with food and drinks flying everywhere. Mr.Clean Magic Eraser is perfect for getting all those little crevices in the gate and making it look new again.


mr clean outdoor toys


5. Outdoor Toys: Kid’s outdoor toys get really gross while being outside all the time especially those bigger items like picnic tables and ride on toys. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is perfect for getting all the grime off of these items and keeping them looking great.


The Mr.Clean Vine account has all kinds of great tips for things you can clean with magic eraser like sandals, how brilliant is that! You can also find great cleaning tips and ideas on Facebook and Twitter as Mr. Clean shares the million ways to clean with a Magic Eraser.

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Giving Back with School Supplies at Target plus a Target $300 Giftcard Giveaway

I was provided a gift card to shop for back to school supplies, all opinions are my own.
target school supplies

I am a weekly Target shopper, I find myself driving towards that red bullseye like a moth to a flame so of course I picked up a few more Back to School supplies for my kid’s during my latest shopping trip. My kids not only need traditional school supplies but they also need things like tissues, paper towels and disinfecting wipes, all of which I can find at Target.

This year Target has two awesome opportunities for stocking up on school supplies while giving back to those in need. The first involves Target Up&Up school supplies. For every select up&up school supply purchased at Target stores from July 13 through August 2, Target will donate one school supply item to a student in need, potentially impacting nearly two million kids this back-to-school season by donating up to $25 million in school supplies. All of the products will be donated to the Kids in Need Foundation, who will distribute the products to schools across the country before the new school year.

yoobi school supplies at target

yoobi supplies


Another great opportunity involves the fun and colorful brand Yoobi. The Yoobi collection is available in Target stores and on and features a colorful range of products, including folders, notebooks, pens, and rulers, all for less than $10. Yoobi’s “One for You, One for Me” mission means that for every Yoobi product purchased at Target, Yoobi contributes a product to a Yoobi Classroom Pack that will be distributed to K-3 classrooms in the U.S. through the Kids In Need Foundation. I stocked up on some fun Yoobi products for at home as well as some up&up products for crafting and homework.


target matching backpack


Target has a really great collection of matching themed backpacks, lunchboxes and water bottles and the water bottle is Camelbak my all time favorite water bottle YAY! Everyone in our house has a Camelbak water bottle purchased at Target over the years and we added a few new ones in fun prints including this adorable purple fox water bottle to match my daughters backpack and lunch box, perfect for pre-k!

target camelbak matcing waterbottles

As you can see Target has some really great stuff this year to help you get your kids and your home ready for back to school. Inspired by some of the organization and dorm room options we are turning my husband’s office into a study room for our girls complete with a new futon for reading and lounging. I am so excited to start this school year off on the right foot thanks to Target!

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Fun Summer Looks with my Mialisia VersaStyle Jewelry #Giveaway

The following is a sponsored campaign through MomDot and Mialisia, all opinions are my own.
mialisia no vest


Have you ever heard of Mialisia jewelry before? Even if you haven’t you have probably seen it and just didn’t realize what it was. Mialisia makes VersaStyle jewelry and that means jewelry with a patent pending hook system that allows you to hook the pieces together creating mixed pieces and even belts. The versatility of Mialisia jewelry is amazing and the pieces are so full of personality that you are sure to find some you love.


mialisia jewelry


mialisia statement necklace times square


mialisia ring



I am really loving mixed metals right now which is why I was drawn to the Times Square Necklace and the Fifth Avenue Necklace. Even though both are mixed metals that coordinate I never thought of layering them together until they arrived, my plan was to layer them each separately with the Long Island antique gold chain from Mialisia. Each piece is gorgeous on it’s own full of incredible detail that really makes a statement but when you add them together, wow! And then I saw the Tifton ring it is gorgeous and goes with so many pieces, I knew I needed to have it too.


mialisia hooks


The hooks make it super easy to layer these necklaces without having tons of things to get tangled, you simply hook them together and everything stays in its right place. These hooks also make easy on and off plus if you have arthritis or any other issues with clasps you don’t have to worry about your jewelry giving you problems. Here are a few outfits that I came up with to style these great Mialisia jewelry pieces.


mialisia necklaces with balinese shirt


This is a perfect outfit for a get together with girlfriends or a casual date night out. I love the Fifth Avenue and Long Island necklaces layered together and even though you can’t see it I am wearing the ring too.


layered mialisia necklaces with vest


This outfit is perfect for pretty much anything and I love that it gives the jewelry a bit of an edgier look to it even though the jewelry itself is not all that edgy. I think that has been my biggest surprise with Mialisia Jewelry, it truly is very versatile and I am excited to try some other new looks with these 4 great pieces. So what do you think of the pieces I chose and how I styled them?

WIN IT: One lucky Thrifty & Chic Mom reader will win all 4 Mialisia Jewelry pieces pictured in my post, enter in the form below.

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Win a Trip To Space Camp



As a kid I visited Space Camp on a family vacation, it looked amazing! Since Space Camp is a highly coveted child’s dream, but with a hefty price tag so why not instead WIN A FREE TRIP TO SPACE CAMP!

Florsheim Kids is giving away a trip to Space Camp which includes airfare and accommodation for 4 people. Second place prizes include flight suits and a $60 Florsheim Kids gift card. To enter, you complete a super fun space quiz while “exploring the cosmos. Sweepstakes begins June 30th and ends July 20th so go enter to win the trip of a lifetime for a child!


ASUS MeMO Tablet Giveaway ends 7/11

ASUS MeMO tablet

I love tablets, they are the perfect portable way to do all the things I want to do while on the go. Over the years I have tried out every operating system in a tablet and while they all have great things about them I found my true love in a tablet… the Asus MeMO Pad ME181. The Asus MeMO pad uses the android operating system and is a Google loving device. There are so many things about this device that make me giddy like a little kid, I seriously love playing with this tablet.


asus memo tablet 8


First of all I was BLOWN AWAY by the screen resolution and the quality of pictures it takes. I took a picture of my daughter in a dark room and posted it to Instagram, after comparing it to the photos I took with my phone I was amazed. The Asus MeMO Tablet offers a 5 mega-pixel rear camera and 2 mega pixel forward camera perfect for video chatting. The tablet even comes with great photo editing options so every picture will look exactly how you want. Then of course I had to turn on Netflix and the picture quality is flawless ( 1280 x 800 HD screen) as is the sound (dual speakers). The ASUS tablet also features IPS or in-plane-switching technology that delivers 178 degree viewing angles giving you accurate color from all angles.


android apps on Asus tablet


The Asus MeMO Tablet has all the apps I need for everything I love to do and more so don’t be fooled by the Android system into thinking ti will limit you. I have all of my social media accounts pinned onto the main screen plus Pinterest of course and then I also have a Kindle app so I can read on my tablet too! The speed of this Intel Quad Core powered tablet makes this impatient mom super happy, everything in the blink of an eye!


asus memo tablet 8 whats next


I am busy, really busy, managing 5 kids and my blog so having a personal assistant would be a  dream come true. My Asus MeMO Pad has a great feature called What’s Next which brings my calendar to life acting like a virtual assistant. This tablet is also very intuitive and when I turn it on I instantly see my calendar, the weather and suggested local events or other things based on what I am doing and have been searching for on the internet, I love that! Oh and it has an anti-fingerprint coating so if my kids grab it when I am not looking they can’t ruin it with smudgy fingerprints!


asus memo 8 tablet view


The size of this tablet is perfect, it is slim and not too big but not too small, perfect for tossing in my purse as I run out the door. And because I need lots of storage my Asus Memo Tablet comes with 16 GB of storage plus it has a micro sd reader where I can add up to 64 GB of micro sd storage. So really what more could a girl ask for. How about a realistic price… let’s say $199!

Please visit for more details and to find out where you can purchase one.

WIN IT: One lucky Thrifty & Chic Mom reader will win an Asus MeMO Pad 7 ME176

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Jabra Rox Bluetooth Earbud Giveaway #JabraRox

jabra rox earbud construction


I told you I would be giving away a pair of the amazing Jabra Rox bluetooth earbuds and it’s time!!!!

These super durable amazing earbuds will have you wondering how you ever listened to music on any other pair. You can check out my whole review here but trust me you want some. These bluetooth earbuds are made to withstand life with kevlar enforced wires and the rugged steel protects against dirt and dust.

jabra rox


WIN IT: One lucky reader will win a pair of Jabra ROX bluetooth earbuds, enter in the form below and GOOD LUCK!


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Simplifying My Summer Plus Exfoliating Oatmeal Mask #MyDawnSummer

Campaign sponsored by Double Duty Divas.
dawn hand renewal


It’s summer!!!!!!! – I will forever hear Olaf in my head when someone say it’s summer!

This year I vowed to have a simple summer, a real summer, you know the kind you actually look forward to! I vowed to simplify and relax and gasp let my kids be bored. I am a multi-tasking mom, a double duty diva and I can and will do it all person and that often leaves me exhausted. As I prepared for my older 2 girls to rejoin the younger 3 every day at home I knew I needed to reclaim my sanity, adjusting to 5 has been taking longer than expected and I needed a semblance of balance back to my life.

So I said no to summer dance and I said no to soccer camp. I said no to art camp and every other camp that I saw except VBS. I said yes to swim team for my oldest and I of course said yes to the pool pass. So that means the every day I sleep in, what!?!?!?!, that’s right my kids are still up at 6 but me? I sleep up until 7 when the baby and toddler wakes and it is glorious!!!!! Then we do half an hour of reading and 1 work sheet from the summer packet, gotta avoid that summer slide. Then at 11 it’s off to swim team, pick her back up at noon and either stay at the pool for a few hours or go home to either come back later or do what ever else we feel like and that my fellow moms is an amazing way to spend your summer.

Now all this time at the pool means less time at home to get things done so I need to simplify my chores. Dawn hand renewal is one of my favorite dish soaps as it quickly cuts through the grease and grime from my dishes without wrecking my hands (yay). This means that instead of a constant sink of dirty dishes, since 7 people use a lot of dishes, I do them all at once. I fill the dishwasher and wash the rest by hand since I can do it so fast with Dawn Hand Renewal… quick, easy and effective!


dawn hand renewal oatmeal mask


This summer since I have all this free time, I said I was letting the kids be bored, I can take a moment to indulge myself and do things like a homemade face mask. For the first time ever I tried an exfoliating oatmeal mask and trust me you want to do this! Plus clean up will be a breeze afterwards with dawn Hand Renewal.


dawn oatmeal face mask


Exfoliating Oatmeal Mask

  • 1 TBL Ground Oatmeal
  • 1/2 Banana sliced
  • 1/2 tsp milk

Mash all of your ingredients together in a bowl and apply to your clean and dry face. Apply to your face in a circular motion using your fingertips. Let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse off with warm water. Splash with cold water, pat dry and enjoy your beautiful skin.

WIN IT: Win your own kit to make a fabulous oatmeal exfoliating mask that includes: Dawn Hand Renewal samples, Hand towel, Headband, Mixing bowl, Muddlers, Oatmeal, with Oatmeal face mask recipe. Enter in the form below.

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Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Collection at Kohl’s Plus $100 Kohl’s GC Giveaway #MC #magicatplay

I participated in an Ambassador campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received promotional items and product samples as a thank you for participating.


Do you have a little one who is obsessed with Disney Planes? If so I am sure you are aware that the new movie Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue comes out July 18th. Kohl’s has all of you mom’s covered with a an adorable new collection from Disney and Jumping Beans that features fun apparel from the new Planes: Fire & Rescue movie. I may not have any boys but I have a nephew who would love all of these outfits!


disney jumping beans planes fire and rescue outfit


I love this striped Jumping Beans Planes Fire & Rescue hoodie, it is perfect for cool summer evenings and then will quickly become the favorite hoodie for fall. This striped hoodie would go great with the fleece pants from the Planes Fire & Rescue collection and the adorable Courage Under Fire tee from the Jumping Bean Disney collection.


kohls disney shorts kohls planes tee shirt

kohls disney planes tee


The collection also has plenty of cute t-shirts and shorts for these hot summer months, I am loving the mix of navy, gray, red and orange such a great color combination for boys! I have yet to meet a little boy you doesn’t like planes so all of these shirts with planes on them will make little boys smile from ear to ear whether they are eagerly anticipating the movie or not!


planes hooded tee


I also love the hooded t-shirt they have and they have some great long sleeve shirts, this collection really has everything a little boy needs to take him from summer to fall. See any pieces your little one would love? The collection is available NOW in Kohl’s stores nationwide as well as online so you can make your little one super happy with a new Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue shirt.

WIN IT: One lucky Thrifty & Chic Mom reader will win a Kohl’s $100 gift card, enter in the form below.


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Pier 1 Outdoor Oasis Party Plus a $25 GC Giveaway

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Reebok. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
pier1 outdoor party


It’s officially summer (as in the kids are out of school) and that means cook outs and getting together with friends and neighbors. Pier 1 is one of my favorite places for decor items for indoors and out, I even registered there when I got married. So when I decided to host some friends and neighbors for dinner I knew Pier 1 would have everything and more to turn my yard into an outdoor oasis. If I had an unlimited budget I would have a swingasan and  fabulous outdoor sectional with bright colored pillows, so many things to wish for from Pier 1!


pier1 acrylic glasses


pier 1 stackable goblets


summer strawberry chicken salad walmart


With a house full of young kids I knew I needed to get melamine plates and acrylic glasses so nothing gets broken thus ruining our party. I really love the bright and bold pattern on the plates I found and the matching trays and bowls are perfect for a party. The clarity acrylic drinkware is not only great for outdoors, but day to day as well and the stackable acrylic goblets are perfect! Speaking of these goblets they would make a great hostess gift if you are attending a cook out. SO muich great stuff to be found at Pier 1.


pier 1 melamine dinner ware



pier 1 outdoor oasis


pier 1 lantern


We kept our party simple and fun and served chips and salsa, hummus, watermelon and strawberry chicken salad on croissants. We invited over some neighbors and enjoyed a nice warm evening, sunny but not too hot! While shopping at Pier 1 I fell in love with the wide array of lanterns that are perfect for both light and decor, plus if you put a citronella candle in them they keep the bugs away too. I hung this mosaic lantern up and the other sat on the table. When my guests left I sent them home with a 10% off coupon to help them as they decorate their own outdoor oasis.


mosaic lantern pier 1


Want to decorate your outdoor space with some of these goodies from Pier 1? then enter to win a Pier 1 $25 gift card in the form below.
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Philips AVENT: Helping Dad and Baby Bond #giveaway

philips avent


This Father’s Day Philips Avent wants to help daddy feel more involved in baby’s life and what better way than by helping with feeding.  When mom needs a break whether she breastfeeds or uses formula dad is the perfect person to step in and help and Philips Avent has all the products you need.




For moms who breastfeed and need occasional back up supply the Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump is the perfect pump for occasional and irregular pumping. This is great to have on hand even for moms who never plan on using a bottle, you never know if something unexpected may happen! RV $39




If you need a reliable bottle that is also adorable (I mean seriously pink elephants!!!!!) Philips AVENT  Natural Bottles offer a wide, breast-shaped nipple makes it easy for baby to latch-on even when mom is away and a unique comfort ‘petals’ inside the nipple increase softness and flexibility without collapse. They also come in monkey and flower prints, so cute!




Philips AVENT BPA Free Night Time Pacifier And of course you need glow in the dark pacifiers for when baby wakes at night and must have that favorite paci! I have definitely appreciated this parent friendly feature many a late night!


WIN IT: One lucky Thrifty & Chic Mom reader will win a bottle and pacifier prize pack form Philips Avent, enter in the form below.

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4 Eco-friendly Car Tips to Get You Back on the Road from WaterSavers #Giveaway

kia soul 2014
I am working with the International Carwash Association to share these tips. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

Summer is finally here and I don’t know about your car, but winter is always hard on my car. There is no washing to be done when the temps re below freezing and our cars get coated with salt and grime ewwww. Then there is all the dirt and grime my kids dragged inside, I try to vacuum inside the garage but let’s be honest I just want to be in house when it is cold. WaterSavers has some great eco-friendly tips to get your car back on ths road ready for summer, all shiny and clean!


1.       Wash your car at a professional car wash. Winter months can be especially hard on your vehicle and washing your car is an easy first step to making your car feel new again. Using a professional car wash is a great way to protect the environment. According to the International Carwash Association, WaterSavers professional car washes use an average of 40 gallons of water or less per car while recycling and filtering their water to prevent harmful chemicals from going into our rivers and streams. Professional car washes also remove salt from the undercarriage of your vehicle, which is a must after a long winter.  By comparison, the average home washing machine uses 41 gallons per cycle, and a garden hose uses 63 gallons of water in just five minutes. You can learn more, and find a WaterSavers wash at


  kia sorento interior


2.       Give the inside a deep clean. Winter’s elements are hard on the outside of your car, but many people forget the abuse the vehicle’s interior takes as well. Think of how many times you’ve crawled into your vehicle with dirty, snowy feet and you can begin to understand why cleaning the inside is necessary. Apply some baking soda and a rubber sponge to your floor mats for an environmentally friendly and efficient clean. Then, wipe down interior surfaces with a microfiber cloth and vacuum the fabric and floor to remove dirt, sand, salt and dust.


3.       Don’t forget the maintenance check. Winter is finally over, but that doesn’t mean your vehicle can skip an overall maintenance check, especially if you want to save energy. Make sure to have your oil changed and give your vehicle an once-over. Check the fluid levels as well. The more efficiently your vehicle runs, the more gas you’ll save. 


4.       How’s your tire pressure and alignment? Low tire pressure will cause your vehicle to overexert itself and waste gas so make sure your tires are up to the task. Your tires list their recommended pressure on the side. If you can’t find it, you can find the recommended tire pressure in your owner’s manual. It is also a good idea to have a certified technician conduct an alignment test since it could have been thrown off by driving over pot holes during the winter months.


WIN IT: One lucky Thrifty & Chic Mom reader will win a WaterSaver Prize pack that includes:

Gap Stick

o   A versatile auto accessory to help access the hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle. Designed with a strong magnetic hook, the gap stick can pick up a key ring, jewelry or anything else that has slipped between the seat and the center console.

·         Phone Caddy

o   A plastic phone holder that clips to air vents in any vehicle to keep your phone in view for GPS usage and close to charging outlets.

·         Auto Trash Bag

o   A sleekly designed bag with a bottom zippered compartment for extra garage bags or hand wipes.

·         $50 Visa Gift Card

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Guess What It Is to Win a Walmart $500 GC #Giveaway #GOWalmart

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a shopper social amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

walmart store opening 2774

Let’s play a fun guessing game and to make it an EXTRA fun one there will be prizes like oh… let’s say a Walmart $500 GC!!!!

Ok so here is the deal I took pictures at the new Walmart in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend and these are not your ordinary pictures. I took very close up pictures of items throughout the store and I want you to guess what they are and the department they are in. Sounds like fun right? Of course I tried to be tricky but we shall see if I succeeded at all. So here goes…

Photo number 1:

walmart guess 1

So guess the department in spot number 1.


Photo number 2:


walmart guess 2


So guess the department in spot number 2


Photo number 3:


walmart guess 3


So guess the department in spot number 3


Photo number 4:


walmart guess 4


So guess the department in spot number 4


Photo number 5:


walmart guess 5


So guess the department for in spot number 5.


Ok there are the 5 pictures now get guessing, one lucky winner will get a walmart $500 GC and 5 others will win Walmart $50 GC.

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Spring Fashion from Land’s End Plus a $50 Gift Card

lands end maxi dress


Spring is in full force, except that today it is FREEZING, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing and loving all of my new spring clothes, I am just layering! Land’s End has some classic spring pieces that are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Every woman needs a great spring dress that they can just throw on and run out the door, for me that is the Land’s End Women’s Regular Fit and Flare Maxi Dress. This dress fits well and is super flattering and forgiving for all kinds of shapes. The cross over top is modest yet allows me to breastfeed easily and the length means I can wear it now with my pasty white legs, so in short this dress is perfection! This dress is affordably priced at $65 and comes in a variety of spring colors and even some prints.


lands end embellished cardigan


A statement cardigan is essential for those cooler mornings or evenings and I fell in love with the Land’s End Women’s Regular Fine Gauge Supima Crewneck Yoke Embellished Cardigan. This bold yellow cardigan is gorgeous with the beading detail that really elevates it, I love wearing this to dress up capris making it a chasing toddler friendly outfit for nicer events that don’t quite need a dress! If you love the cardigan but could do without the beading Land’s End offers this cardigan all the time in a rainbow of colors!


lands end madras shorts


Shorts and I have a love hate relationship and are only worn when they are bermuda style. I try to avoid shorts altogether BUT it can get hot and shorts are needed so I might as well have a  cute pair like the Land’s End Women’s Regular Fit 2 10″ Madras Shorts in berry. I love this bright plaid in pink and green and they are long enough that I don’t feel uncomfortable.  I added the Land’s End Women’s Regular Sleeveless Lightweight Cotton Modal Crossover Shirt in white, it is slightly sheer so I wear my Bravado nursing tank under it and since it is cold I added a jean jacket. I paired them with flats but they look super cute with heels too!


lands end cover up


If you need a great bathing suit cover up that is comfortable and modest then you need the Land’s End Women’s Regular Sleeveless Cotton Jersey Tunic Cover-up. It’s funny even though I was a swimmer in high school I will never feel at ease walking around in my bathing suit so I need a great cover up for the pool that I will not sweat to death in, why are so many cover ups long sleeve? The cotton jersey is soft and perfect for quick drying and the knee length is just what I was looking for plus only $25! Be sure to check out all the great Land’s End pieces that Andrea is styling on Momma in Flip Flops.

WIN IT: One lucky Thrifty & Chic Mom reader will win a Land’s End $50 GC, enter in the form below.



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Spring Fashion: Wild Butterfly Boutique Jewelry Giveaway

Product was provided for feature
wild butterfly boutique


Jewelry is the icing on the cake, outfits look so bare without  jewelry but with the right jewelry it takes an outfit to the next level, it completes it. I love jewelry especially fun (and affordable) jewelry which is why I love Wild Butterfly Boutique. Wild Butterfly Boutique offers affordable, fun and stylish jewelry. I have been loving the trend of word jewelry and fell for the LOVE necklace in gold. This dainty necklace is sweet and the perfect accent, I have been loving it layered with other necklaces too like I wore it the other day and the best part this necklace is just $15.95.


wild butterfly boutique love necklace


love necklace wild butterfly boutique


Statement earrings can be so much fun, now that I have short hair I have been enjoying really eye catching earrings that pop. The Pink Chandelier Earring is definitely eye catching. I love how these earrings pop against any outfit and catch the eye. I loved wearing these with a fun jewel themed shirt from Conversation Pieces, it seemed fitting to wear big jewel earrings with a big jewel shirt and the earrings are only $12.95. Andrea is wearing the cutest necklace over on Momma in Flip Flops be sure to check it out.


conversation pieces jewel tee


WIN IT: One lucky Thrifty & Chic Mom reader will win a Wild Butterfly Boutique Necklace of choice. Enter in the form below.

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